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Cherry Blossom

Experience beauty with Cherry blossom.

There is something extra special about the whimsical beauty of our Cherry Blossom theme. It is sure to add a springtime vibrancy to your child's birthday party or sleepover. It features a stunning array of pink petals with our cherry blossom trees AND our cherry blossom branches on the front of each teepee. We add a twinkle of fairy lights, an indoor campfire, mood lighting and a stunning galaxy lamp to enhance the cheerful and festive atmosphere.


We can also offer a complete Cherry Blossom-themed party package, which can include a personalized cake, cake stand, photo backdrops, balloons, and more. Let us know how we can adapt our Cherry Blossom party package to help make your child's celebration an absolute hit!

Price $77.00 Per Teepee

Off Peak

(Monday to Thursday Events)

Subject to Availability - *conditions apply


Wow.. look how beautiful these 
cherry blossoms!

Little Aussie Teepee Monkey
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