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Boot Camp

Unleash Your Inner Warrior: The Ultimate Boot Camp Theme.

Our action-packed Boot Camp theme is sure to provide a sense of adventure and excitement for all your guests. Have your commandos at the ready for an action packed night. To take the experience to the next level, we offer an additional smoke machine that creates a fog-like atmosphere, adding to the overall ambiance of the party.


Our yard games, such as tug-of-war and relay races, are perfect for keeping the kids active and engaged. We can also offer a complete Boot Camp themed party package, which includes a personalized cake, a cake stand, photo backdrops, balloons, and more. Your child and their friends will have a blast with our Boot Camp party. No matter which options you choose, Little Aussie Teepees will make your child's celebration an absolute hit!

Price $77.00 Per Teepee

Off Peak

(Monday to Thursday Events)

Subject to Availability - *conditions apply


Check out the smoke machine how cool is that!

Little Aussie Teepee Monkey
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